3 Effective ways to find focus as a Multi-Passionate creative

Updated: Apr 13

As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, you will have to do your due diligence and prepare accordingly. Finding your focus and embracing your flow as creative with the wildest imagination and passions is somewhat challenging in our world. However, that should not be an excuse for not seeing an idea through. In this video, I talk about effective ways to find focus as a multi-passionate creative and how to specifically know what kind of business idea(s) to pursue. I also speak on the sensibility of the creative process and encourage you to lay hold of your flow and see it through.

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Today I am going to talk about having multiple ideas, being multi-passionate and not knowing which idea to pursue. I believe there are three specific ingredients to secret your sauce when it comes to choosing an idea and sticking to:

  1. Are you passionate about this idea?

  2. Are you knowledgeable about this idea?

  3. Is it profitable?

Once you have settled on this, addressed multiple and myriad of ideas that you have; now comes the time to follow through with these other three crucial stages that I am going to discuss:


As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, you will have to do your due diligence and prepare accordingly:

Get away from the noise: do some soul searching, self-discovery and self-awareness, engage in a lot of introspective exercises that will help you understand yourself and to know how you perform under pressure and uncertainty.

You have to know how you handle criticism and not only people’s opinion but your own, your own inner critic, how do you handle that? Are you currently in agreement with yourself in terms of what you wish to create?

This is also a time to identify the source of your inspiration and motivation as well, what is currently motivating you to create? What excites you? What do you gravitate toward? What exactly is the reason you want to create? So look at your patterns and the things that are always talking about, reading about, checking on social media and so on.

Now that you have done some introspective and reflective exercises, it is time to list your personal goals professional goals: Look at your interests, your talents, the current market opportunities, your relationships, let all of that help you find and identify a profitable niche that you can focus on.

Once you are done with that, make it plain, visualize/record it: mind map, doodle, and sketch; do everything you need to do to record your idea and work hard on it, I will share more on ideation techniques in the coming weeks; techniques that you can you use to generate and develop your idea.

Ask yourself the hard questions on your readiness and the market readiness that will inform your research starting any kind of venture requires mental preparation, be ready to confront an unpredictable environment. Are you focused and ready to confront the unpredictable and a constantly changing environment? Starting any kind of venture will require you to be mentally, emotionally, financially and somewhat spiritually stable, you have to prime your brain and be laser-focused on the journey you are going to take.

Once you are done with that, put it in writing write your whole vision statement.

Identify your needs and identify the resources that you will need in terms of human resources, technology, registration, anything that is attached to what you want to create, be it a project or a business. So identify your resources and budget for them. Then, start planning and organizing yourself toward research and idea validation.


Now that you have made the vision plain, it is time to clearly define the kind of experience that you want to bring to the public, decide on the kind of business model and pricing strategies that you will use in the future.

You want to find your sweet spot, you want to find the sweet space between your offering and the unmet needs on the market, so where is that sweet spot? This is where you want to tell a better story, you want to resonate with people, capture them, educate them, and entertain them. This is where you become a really good detective of people’s needs: do you want to take them on a journey? Do you want to create a movement? Monetize your talent?

You have to know what is currently wrong in your industry in general so that you can capitalize on that and create a better offering, you may also want to know the motivation and purpose behind the existence of the company that you wish to create and plan on your financials.

Do you have the necessary capital to get started? Will you require capital in the future?

These are questions that will help you validate your project for monetization and impact, you want to be memorable, you want people to remain engaged throughout the experience. I will also share on value mapping when it comes to customer experience in the coming weeks, it is very crucial that every step of the way that you capture your audience’s attention and that you retain that attention which is by the far the most challenging aspect of any startup. Clearly define the experience and the value that you are bringing to your audience.


I want to talk about the creative process, the flow, and your rhythm...

We live in such a noisy world that celebrates success and conceals failure, creating a buzz around ideas and businesses that would make the average person feel left out and this is what happens to a lot of creatives who often relinquish their creativity or the prospect of pursuing a project or starting a business simply because it seems so overwhelming and they are always too critical of their own work anyway.

While I am not here to tell you that once you start this great venture that all will go well and that success will literally fall at your feet, I just know that for a creative mind not creating is another form of death if you ask me. As alluded in my previous video on creative confidence; I tell you that creativity is quintessential to our emotional well-being, from the moment you get caught up in the craziness, you lose your enjoyment, you lose your uniqueness, you lose your capacity to create something of substance.

We are created in the image of God who is a creator and if you look at his body of work you will see that it is all very diverse, it is all very beautiful in its own way and that the flower does not compete with the tree neither does the monkey and the fish; everything has its place so find your lane and your place and stay in flow, embrace your rhythm and accept the constraints that come with it.

So I am going to ask you:

  • So what is obstructing your flow?

  • What would you say is overwhelming you at this point? That is stopping you from choosing your path and going after what you?

  • Why does your flow of passion and ideas scare you?

  • When it is all said and done, what is the alternative to being creative?

As I mentioned before, to me it is another form of death, so to that effect, to that point, I wanted to share an excerpt from a book called, the creative life- 7 keys to your inner genius by Author Eric Butterworth and it goes like this:

“When you see the creative process clearly, your ideas will get synchronized with energy of the same frequency, multiplying in like kind. This is the swarming process. Suddenly when we most need perfect concentration there is only confusion. At these times it is critical to remember that the swarming of living creatures is part of the process.

This idea is extremely important to hold on to when we are assaulted with a multitude of swarming ideas. At these times it is critical to be patient and let the swarming take place, to have faith that guidance is a continuum which progressively unfolds to those who believe, and that the chaos of swarming ideas can form itself into a cosmos of organized thought.

In your particular experience of chaos, take time to realize that the same intelligence that made you in the first place continues to guide and direct you. Your chaos is your opportunity to have your own dancing star. For every question there is an answer, for every weakness there is strength, for every lack there is abundance. Let the swarming take place.”

Now let’s recap:

You need to choose an idea that includes these three key ingredients- passion, knowledge, profitability, once you are clear on that you need to prepare mentally, emotionally and financially, you need to find your sweet spot and design an offering that suits both you and your targeted audience then you embrace the flow, the process that is less obvious and somewhat complicated that will lead you to a better version of yourself, we are continually evolving mistakes will happen, that is just life.

Now that you have done the inside work, drafted the vision and decide to embrace the process be sure to check my next post, where I will elaborate on the key steps to developing business roadmap and systematically, I will speak about the roadmap and the basic questions that you have to answer in order to reach your intended audience and design an offering that is actually needed on the market.

I would also love to hear from you so, why don’t you leave me a comment below?



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