How to embrace creative living

Updated: Jun 8

The most intriguing phenomenon and maybe the most exciting too is that none of us can ever predict our creative life trajectory; it is a very unique path and all who walked it authentically have always left a mark in the history of humanity.

While our creative journeys are all very distinct, they are commonalities or characteristics that are shared across the board when it comes to truthfully taking hold of our creativity, of its intricate and perplexing nature.

Creative endeavors require courage, sensitivity and authenticity; they are an insult to the status quo and rigid societal systems and a great elevation of our collective consciousness.

They are also an outrage to death and mortality as they seek to endure and maintain the world in eternal state of wonder and ecstasy. They are an indictment to today’s idols of materialism and conformity as they seek the divine realm of true expression and bliss.

Embracing creative living means embracing the good and the bad, it is creating lives that are authentic to us it is going through the vicissitudes of life and still find meaning, it is rising above all forms of opposition, it is choosing life in its purest form.

I would like to invite you to take hold of your space, your voice, your style, your God-given gifts and talents and put them at the services of others, because we are created for each other.

The creative journey is very complex and enjoyable it is at the same time; we have to live with all these yearnings within ourselves and outside of ourselves that form part of our respective journeys. I invite you to take this journey with me, let’s go.

If you would like to learn more about how to embrace creative living please check my course here.

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